About Us

First Baptist Church has a long history of ministry in the small town of Louisburg, Kansas, just twenty miles south of the metropolitan Kansas City area.  The majority of our congregation live within a ten-mile range of the church. 

Our children are our most valuable resource, and as such, many of our programs are centered around them.  A nursery is provided on Sunday mornings for ages birth through four.  At age four, children begin to attend the Children’s Church program during the sermon time of the Morning Service.  Sunday School classes are offered to our kids beginning at age 18 months.  Currently all our elementary classes are using a curriculum from Group Publishers. 

Each year we do a Vacation Bible School.  This is an exciting part of our summer.  In 2005 we used the CEF, Child Evangelism Fellowship,  VBS Program “Solar Express”.  This event is used as an outreach to the community, an opportunity for our youth to be involved in leadership roles, a time for our church to draw together to make something wonderful happen for our kids, our church and our community.

Our youth use an on-line curriculum from “TeamCE” which encourages leadership development and covers all basic topics of theology and doctrine as well as introducing all 66 books of the Bible within a three-year program. 

We like to believe that we are among the friendliest people you can hope to know.  We believe that our primary mission is to seek Christ-likeness in all aspects of life.  Worship does not begin or end on Sunday morning, but is a continual attitude of the heart.

A powerful worship service centered around the Word of God is designed to bring praise to God and to empower growing Christians for a consistent life style in Christ.

Our service is a blend of traditional and contemporary worship styles with solid Biblical sharing-of-the-gospel.  Our children are invited to worship with the adults up to the point of the
sermon time, at which time, ages 4 through 3rd grade are offered the alternative of a separate Children’s Church program.

We celebrate the sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of each month.

Our adult Sunday School Program is strong.  With 5 adult elective classes, there is something to interest everyone.  In line with our commitment to community outreach, an additional Sunday School class is offered at “Vintage Park,” the local assisted care facility.

Men are the backbone of our church.  Not only are our men present on Sunday mornings, but they are a service oriented bunch.  The men take their church leadership responsibilities seriously.  From serving on Boards to the little “honey-do’s” they are the framework of our body.  Nothing is either above or beneath their dignity.  They are as competent in the kitchen shoulder to shoulder with the women as they are in stepping up to take leadership and responsibility in the absence of a pastor.  Our men are the ones who visit the hospitals, the ones who challenge inactive members to renew commitments, the ones who lead the congregation in prayer time, the ones who do the mundane tasks of building and grounds up-keep, the ones who are not afraid or ashamed to share their faith and their love with others.

Our women are an active part of our church life.  ABW activities which include the Mary/Martha Circle, Secret Sisters, and White Cross are an important part of who we are, but our women do not limit themselves to the structure of ABW Ministries.  Active groups are the prayer warriors, missionary support activities, and many more.  Usually one or two social activities are organized and a group will also attend Women of Faith events.

Wednesdays are another time of development for our church.  The Youth have Open Zone after school and then join the adults for a meal.  After the meal there is a worship time for those who would like to attend and then a Bible study is offered for both the adults and the Youth.

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