Bridge Team

Have you ever been in a situation like this or could you even fathom yourself being in a situation like this:

  • 'I want to work and will consider anything but I don't know where to start'
  • 'I need a babysitter until my Mom comes home from the hospital'
  • 'My car broke down and I have no means to repair it' 
  • 'I don't have enough food at the end of the week to feed all five of us'
  • 'Can anyone give me advice on how to budget my paycheck'
  • 'Can anyone watch my kids after school on Thursdays until I get home from work'
  • 'How do you get signed up for the food pantry in your city?'
  • 'My faucet is running all the time and with my hours being cut back at work I can't afford a plumber to come and fix it'
  • 'Would someone be willing to go with me to the bank to see if there is anyway  I can reduce my house payment' 
  • I need a prayer partner to help me in all I am going through right now'
  • 'I need to find a job and I don't know how to make out a resume for the things I can do'

    The Bridge Team is available for assistance to anyone that finds themselves in a predicament where he/she needs help and has nowhere to turn.  We are not there to meddle but we are available to assist in situations where you find yourself in a dilemma in which you can't find your way out.  Confidentiality is a primary concern as we strive to meet the needs of requests for help.

Donations toward the effort of helping others in need can be made to First Baptist Church with instructions for placement in the Bridge Team Fund.



Pat Apple 913-837-5385
Kelly Bond 913-837-2630
John Clark 913-837-3977
Carolyn Meek 913-837-4704
Don Meek 913-963-8892
Mark Gardner 913-963-3330
Dan Rhodes 913-837-0363